Make or Break

The god descends with this new season. Make or break. The choice is yours!

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Turn Nothing Into Something

You have the ability to turn the negativity of your past into something beautiful. You can learn from this situation and face life head on. Remain firm and deal with your problems reasonably. You are compelled to expose what is hidden.

Use your mind and study the situation. Learn from what you have experienced. Seek out the truth and do what feels right for you. Everyone experiences grief and pain. It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference.

It takes patience and communication to bring opposites together. Finding a middle ground and avoiding extremes can help you find balance in your life. You can turn nothing into something. All your hard work will pay off. Enjoy it!

Great Pain Leads To Growth and Change

Pay attention and trust your instincts. If something feels amiss there may be something in your life that you are unwilling to believe. You may discover the truth and come to a clear understanding about a long standing issue. You may need to seek justice to free someone from oppression.

Fight intelligently, and analyse all the facts before you proceed. You may be about to face a challenge, but remember to face it in the right frame of mind. You have justice on your side. Your success is guaranteed, so continue using the tried and tested methods that have got you this far.

Open your heart to love and forgiveness, as an emotional relationship is your life is about to get deeper. Consider your emotions when your are making decisions, expressing your feelings can make your bond much deeper. Be open to your emotions and get in tune with your spiritual self. Heartache and considerable pain lead to growth and change.