Initiation and New Beginnings

The fool’s journey of initiation has begun. You may be experiencing new beginnings as you step open heartedly through the portal of the unknown.

Old structures you may have been accustomed to have dissolved, so take a leap of faith and expect the unexpected.

Are you ready to take a risk for the sake of initiation and new beginnings?

This Too Shall Pass So Hang In There

Allow the magick to happen as synchronicity leads you in a new direction. There’s no such thing as coincidence. Everything that happens to you is no accident. Pay attention to all the details of your life, no matter how insignificant it appears to be. It’s divine design. The Universe is leading the way.

Nothing happens by chance. Everything is happening for a reason. Trust the process. A soulmate isn’t just a romantic relationship: a soul mate could be a friendship with a kindred spirit. It’s a spiritual connection.

You are learning that your ability to love another depends on your capacity to love yourself. You are learning to trust yourself again — everything and everyone changes when you embrace yourself. You can’t be truly content until you do. Forgive yourself.

You are still a spark of divine love. No matter what people say, or what they hear, you are merely a reflection of what they see in themselves. Have compassion for where you are.

Redefine your relationship with yourself. Be kind to yourself, and see the beauty in who you are. Life is a journey that unfolds so be mindful that you are doing your best on your current path. Let go of all the bullshit and opinions of others. Love yourself, unconditionally. You are worthy of love.

Slow down and smell the geraniums. Maybe you have taken on too much. Breathe. Relax. When you are rushing around at full speed, it’s easy to hurt yourself and get stressed out. If you genuinely want to create and accomplish things, you have to have some playtime.

Do something for yourself: have some fun! When you are feeling more like yourself, you will be surprised how effortlessly things move forward. You are connected to Mother Earth and can sense everything she does. You are directly affected by energy from planetary shifts.

As the earth shifts into higher vibrations and energies switch to lower frequencies, it’s possible to feel aches, pains, headaches, flu-like symptoms, depression, confusion, dizziness or sadness. You know energy shifts are taking a toll on you, but it isn’t critical. You are simply in tune with the planet.

When Mother Earth is purging the old to make way for the new, you will most likely feel it. It’s vital that you take extra particular care of yourself at this time. Get some damn rest! Drink loads of water, eat healthily, get at one with nature, and move your body as much as possible. Your symptoms are temporary.

When it’s all over you will come back better than before, so hang in there.

Go With The Flow

A new cycle begins with good health, recovery and happiness. Time out is called for. Let go and venture out alone to find your own happiness.

Be open, as you are poised to do something you really love. A career is possible now. It’s a good time to begin new projects. Everything is bright and out in the open.

Going with the flow makes everything run smoothly. Are you willing to go with the flow?

Are You Ready To Improve a Difficult Situation?

Despite pressure from the planets in your relationship sector.

You have a better sense of what you want, what you need, and how to keep the lines of communication open.

Repeated patterns always give the same outcome.

Are You Ready To Improve a Difficult Situation?