Life Coaching

I began my journey with Yoga over twenty years ago and have been studying transpersonal psychology, stress management, and body confidence ever since.  I swear by my personal practice, it helps me manage pain, maintain positive mental health, like what I see looking back at me in the mirror, and able to cope with whatever life throws at me.

My mission is to raise the awareness of life coaching to help others reach their fullest potential.  Life coaching is not counselling. It originated from the professional sports world in the 1970s and found its way into the boardrooms of senior executives who wanted to achieve balance in and outside of the office.

A life coach examines, challenges, and creates action plans to help people get what they want from life. Empowering individuals to find ways to break goals down into easily achievable steps.  We are experts of our own lives and make choices about what to do, or not do every single day.

Coaching is all about helping people to identify what is important for them, so they can create the life they have always dreamed of. A life coach listens and asks thought-provoking questions to help clients see a different perspective.

Managing our emotional responses helps us to reach our goals faster, so make an effort to bring calm back into your world.  It’s easy to fall out of balance, but you can learn to be resilient.  You can be the best you can be.  Understand yourself and get down to the core of who you were born to be, who you actually are.  

There is a natural order to all emotions, and honest self-reflection allows us to know ourselves. You cannot manage feelings you are not aware of. Know thyself!

Make time for the things you are passionate about.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional athlete, a 9-to-5 hustler, a stay-at-home-mom, recovering from illness or just seeking a new way of life. I have designed a comprehensive program that has the potential to transform your life.