Dance to the Beat of the Drum Inside Your Soul

Although you love nature, and the security of traditional values. You need to protect yourself from unhealthy influences. You can use your mathematical ability to handle your finances. You have the self discipline it takes to invent new frameworks. However, you must remember to call upon the Divine while you master your craft.  Surrender to … Continue reading Dance to the Beat of the Drum Inside Your Soul

Dream Those Dreams Into Reality

You can accept the past. There's no need to hide from your past forever; you can heal from past mistakes. Your body seems to be mending well from that recent injury. During this time of personal transformation, you are learning to embrace your destiny. Finally, you hear the inner call that answers your questions, pulls … Continue reading Dream Those Dreams Into Reality

Make or Break

The god descends with this new season. Make or break. The choice is yours! #samhain #halloween #reverendyemajasekhmetmaat #rebellionrdlimited

You Are Beautiful and You Are Worthy

Everything you think and feel will change when you embrace yourself. You cannot acheive contentment unless you do. Release all those judgements you have about yourself and see your true essence, the Divine within yourself. It doesn't matter where you have been, or what you have been told. You simply reflect what you believe you … Continue reading You Are Beautiful and You Are Worthy