Gain a Fresh Perspective by Going Somewhere New

A three-card reading from the Tarot of Trees Deck

This card mirrors to the roots of a situation in the past. To truly understand the present, and to be able to see the future coming, we need to see the past very clearly.


There is a value between two opposite points of view. Temperance brings opposing thoughts together or signify an inability to unite them at the moment. It all balls down to a lack of understanding. Opposites must blend to make it work, but it takes patience and plenty of moderation. Maybe there is a middle ground, a compromise and the avoidance of extreme behaviour. It could be about a need to find the balance between your work and health. Don’t listen to the naysayers. You can make something out of nothing.

This card shows what forces are operating at the present time in the situation in question. This card will sometime reveal that which is hidden or unexpressed in a situation.


There are many types of delusions — pipe dreams and fantastical thoughts that can distract you from your goals. If you find yourself tense and frustrated, you may want to relax and indulge in a little fantasy. This card speaks of excess and wastefulness that occurs when people do not have a firm grip on reality. Partying at night, overspending and overindulging will only lead you away from the commitment you made to yourself. The options may seem limitless, but there are consequences, so be careful what you choose. Everything is not as it seems.

This card displays the most probable cause of the situation or question. It is a snapshot of the most probable future outcome or progression of a situation.


This card signifies you have been feeling like stagnant water. Amid the turbulence of life sometimes we get stuck in the mud and unable to move in one direction or the other. Although, you may be feeling listless, depressed, and expending all your energy just to get up in the morning. You can pick up the pieces and focus on bringing more positivity into your life. You may be moving to a positive place emotionally or physically somewhere new. Travelling might help you get out of your sad state of mind. You can always gain a fresh perspective by going somewhere new.

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