Surrender To It and Endure the Journey

A three-card reading from the Journey Into Egypt Tarot Deck


There seems to be an issue that only you can handle. Whatever it is, keep it to yourself and sleep on it. The full moon always shakes things up. She moves energy around, while removing negativity. The High Priestess challenges you to turn something dead into something bursting anew with life. Brush the dust off that old ‘freakum‘ dress and get your mojo back. Get up and reveal the gold that has been hidden inside you all along.


You may be strong willed and a little pretentious but your cool aloof nature is a healing presence to many. You may be a paradox of mystery, but sometimes your passion and vision can get the better of you. You can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.


You have been a seeker for many years. Now it seems you are going through a brand new, period of awakening that feels like suspended animation. You have been feeling unappreciated, and stagnated for a while. Although, you were thrust into humiliating life processes without any choices. You can surrender to it and endure the journey!

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