Dream Those Dreams Into Reality

You can accept the past. There’s no need to hide from your past forever; you can heal from past mistakes. Your body seems to be mending well from that recent injury. During this time of personal transformation, you are learning to embrace your destiny. Finally, you hear the inner call that answers your questions, pulls you in the right direction and clears the path ahead of you.

You may be feeling powerless and trapped by circumstance. Perhaps this is self-imposed. Maybe you feel as though everything you do is pointless and have chosen to stay in this situation. You are no longer a victim in need of rescue. You are your knight in shining armour. You still have the power to change anything you do not like in your life. Escaping entrapment is not easy, but with logic and a clear goal, you can be free of all that binds you.

Your hopes, dreams and desires will come true. This card indicates that you may be happy with things exactly as they are in your life. Everything feels right in your world, so now you can take the time to relax and enjoy your life. Give yourself permission to pleasure your senses. Take in all the sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings that this life has to offer. Go ahead and dream those dreams into reality!

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