Are You Ready To Forge a New Path?

You will know what to do when the time is right!

  • What unhealthy patterns are you repeating?
  • Are you taking time out for self care?
  • What’s your wish?
  • Have you been feeling stressed lately?
  • What thoughts will you choose to give life to today?

Sometimes you have to be ruthless to keep outside forces at bay. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are in the thick of it. Protect yourself from negativity if it gets too heavy.

Self-control is necessary for facing adversity. Mental strength is just as important as physical vigour. Stay focused and take control of your resources.

It seems you have been working at nano speed, but now you need to rest. Your body is built for success and has all it needs to heal itself. However, a full recovery won’t happen until you slow down and gather the strength you need for the next round.

Family relationships have been improving, and things are much better now. Life at home has transformed as a result of you learning to adapt to other people’s quirks. Understanding other people’s patterns brings the harmony you have been craving, after many significant struggles.

Good relationships require commitment and a lot of hard work. We can change the historical cycle of domestic abuse and sexual violence by leaving the legacy of a prosperous future for our future generations. Now is a time of rejuvenation and rebirth after a long time of heartbreak and devastation.

Embrace the transformative powers of Mother Nature. Her healing properties can resurrect a broken heart, so get up and get yours. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, brush off the dust and rise from the ashes of your history.

You have the inner strength to fight for what you need. You seem to be at the point where you are willing to risk everything for what is right. Nevertheless, be careful not to jump to conclusions or make any irrational decisions at this time.

Your relationship is going through emotional trials; there is a lot hidden beyond the surface. There’s something in the water, so you need to take time to explore this matter deeper. Broken-hearted mother, stay true to yourself.

Most have had their heart stolen by external circumstances that have influenced them in both positive and negative ways. Be vigilant and protect your heart from corruptive influences; someone may be trying to manipulate or control you for their benefit.

Not many appreciate the importance of balance, but you are prepared to embrace your shadow now. Your external world is a direct reflection of your inner world. You will win this battle by refusing to accept the status quo. You have the power to use words and images to create what you want.

The fighting is no longer physical. It has become a battle of wits where reason conquers blind faith. If you always leave things in a better state than you found them, you can guarantee a prosperous future for coming generations.

Endings are new beginnings and a reason to separate from the things you don’t want. The truth hurts, but it also heals. Leave the past behind and set healthy boundaries for the future. It’s time to move on and enjoy the positive changes in your life. Be gracious and genuine, for wishes do come true. Magick is all around you, so use it wisely.

Don’t let fear stop you from doing new things. Face it head-on; it’s never too late. You are the vehicle for love and play an essential part in awakening consciousness in others. You help many people without even knowing it.

There is a light in you that shines brightly. You are never alone; ask your guardian angels to help you. You are a compassionate soul, and more blessed than you know. You are finally learning to love yourself, which is making loving others easier.

When you embrace yourself, you will finally feel contentment. Stop judging yourself. Have some compassion for your story, where you have been. Be kind, forgive yourself, do extraordinary things and begin to see the beauty in who you are.

Let go of the blame. You are lovely and worthy of love. You have been working too hard and seriously need to lighten up. Stop taking life so seriously. It seems you are neglecting yourself, and in desperate need of a dose of play.

There is something you have have been meaning to do for yourself that you keep putting off. Your body, mind, and spirit are your priority now. Look into changing your diet, exercise, drink more water, and pamper yourself a little.

Begin nourishing yourself and take some time off to discover what you need. You do have what it takes to live a life you love.
There is value in every situation, so apply what you have learned to open those new doors.

Choose a new song, dance a modern dance. Remember who you are and trust in your spiritual source to lead the way. You have been out of action, welcome back.

Focus on completing that book, website, or painting. Create it, or you could miss a huge window of opportunity. Your creativity comes from a higher power.

Trust your intuition and stick to your schedule. What you are working on is divine guidance in action. There is still time. Start now, and everything will work as planned.

Worrying and overthinking is a pointless waste of time. Balance your body and mind so you can do what you need to do. As soon as you let go of situations you cannot control, you will start to feel like yourself again.

Take time out to spruce up your environment. Break out the essential oils, take a nap, go for a walk, or do whatever will make you happy. Your soul has been whispering; it’s time for a change for a long time.

Don’t let paranoia get the best of you. Think about something else, take your mind off the situation and leave it with the angels. This problem has been causing you too much stress.

Have a little faith that things will turn out for the best. Get out of your mind and back into your heart. Trust that all is well and it will be so. You have to find a way to calm your mind. There is always hope, so stop obsessing.

Negative thoughts are part of the human experience, but you can choose what thoughts you feed. It’s simple; you can give energy to life-giving ideas that make you feel good and let go of negative thoughts that don’t.

Withdraw from the hustle and revel in your own company. It’s easy to neglect yourself, but you are a priority now. Fuck feeling guilty for putting yourself first. It’s about time. Spending time alone is the best way to seek clarity.