Seek Wisdom When You Need It

Being open and receptive attracts success, not bold, aggressive action. A wise person gently shows strength. The responsive power of the Divine feminine is more healing than anyone could imagine.

This subtle feminine energy is sensual and completely overlooked with too much planning and talking. The grass doesn’t need to plan to grow in the springtime. Focus on reality rather than potential. The mature feminine nature accepts herself with grace. Her quiet contribution brings success in a strong spiritual sense.

Try not to be too assertive at this time, as you do not want to alienate yourself. Opening yourself up to receive should be your concern at the moment. Be patient. Take your time. Draw your strength from the practice of mindfulness and your emotions.

Accept with grace and be spacious as the ocean. Let the river of change flow through you. Allow someone else to take the lead for now. Let go of control. Surrender to the receptive power that comes through aligning yourself with creativity, not opposing it.

Chaos is a powerful force when you harness it. Don’t rush things and stay calm. You can handle all the challenges ahead. You need to dig deep and find the courage. Keep going despite the difficulties. Wait until a proper course of action becomes clear.

One wrong move, in the beginning, could get out of control later. Do you know how to seek wisdom when you need it?

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