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  • Dance to the Beat of the Drum Inside Your Soul

    16th Nov 2019 by

    Although you love nature, and the security of traditional values. You need to protect yourself from unhealthy influences. You can use your mathematical ability to handle your finances. You have the self discipline it takes to invent new frameworks. However, you must remember to call upon the Divine while you master your craft.  Surrender to… Read more

  • Touch the World with your Light

    15th Nov 2019 by

    Be careful not to act in haste. Rome was not built in a day.  You may have been impatient with the creative process.  Focus on your work and trust that even your baby steps will amount to great success. Attention to detail always takes time. For some reason, something has separated you from the fun-loving… Read more

  • Surrender To It and Endure the Journey

    13th Nov 2019 by

    A three-card reading from the Journey Into Egypt Tarot Deck Past There seems to be an issue that only you can handle. Whatever it is, keep it to yourself and sleep on it. The full moon always shakes things up. She moves energy around, while removing negativity. The High Priestess challenges you to turn something… Read more

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